He Struggled Night and Day

He struggled night and day, day and
night with outdated routers, long-lost
passwords, modems, cable connectors,
not to mention Indians in India whose
accents were thicker than anything he
ever heard down south and other
technicians who started by saying ad
nauseam — perfect and then ad infinit-
um — sorry. Reducing channels, add-
ing streaming, he thought he would
be a screaming mimi, so he went to
bed only to dream frantic dreams of
cables snaking around his feet and
modems nipping at his heels but that
was nothing compared to exchanging
cable and wifi equipment at the local
network store the following morning
only to be greeted at the sign in desk
by Frau Mueller barking orders at him
to move over, go here, stay there, be
quiet and stand still until she gets
her job done. Later, as he sat juggl-
ing four remotes and a bewildered
look on his face, he thought how glad
he was for all the advancements in
media technology making life ever so
much simpler.

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