Uncorking the Bottle

The big three, the Unholy Trinity —
Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney
(Oh, and then there’s # Four —
Wolfowitz, the territory carnivore)
pulled the cork
and the rest is a sort
of lingering Middle East
spreading from country
to country.
The malevolent genie
as he breathes
his noxious gas
and sends millions
over the edge
and out the gate
and little boys
grow up to hate,
hate, hate
and retaliate
and now, of
course, in their wake,
the Russians
are coming
and Vladimir
keeps puttin’
a salacious smile
on his cherubic face.
Little men with
compensatory complexes of
inferiority and superiority
will always find ways
of winning over the
gullible majority
who follow like
lemmings but
send children
into a violent,
void of
and let’s be
perfectly clear here,
as presidents like to say,
but this time let’s
really BE
perfectly clear —
it’s always, always
because of

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