You Have to Do Some of the Work

They had been kibitzing with
relatives and without realiz-
ing it, unhealed, old, eccles-
iastical wounds revealed them-
selves and he thought, it is
time to let this go, to “Let
Go and Let God” as they say
in AA. A sponsor once asked
an AAer where the source
of his resentments was. The
AAer said he didn’t know and
the sponsor tapped him on his
head and said they are running
around in there but in reality
were probably on a golf course
with no thought of him. The
sponsor offered the AAer a
vehicle to freedom — a con-
veyor belt. Just put the resent-
ments on it and send them up
to God. What if they come back
down? Keep putting them on
the belt until they don’t. You
have to do some of the work.

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