The New Southern Hospitality

Having lived in the great
Commonwealth for seven-
teen years, he thought he
knew his old Kentucky
home pretty well but the
election of the bizarre be-
yond belief chief just left
him in limbo, a better place
by far than the Medicaid
recipients who were just
thrown off the bus and then
under the bus and then run
over for good measure all
in the name of less govern-
ment and let’s not forget
more cruelty, the new
Southern hospitality.

1 thought on “The New Southern Hospitality

  1. The unrepentant South has never dealt with its inherent cruelty, and like some kind of black mold, it keeps on growing, cannot be controlled, and now turns ’em against their own kind, all in the name of small gov’t as you say … all in the name of funneling more money into the pockets of the 1%. That poor whites would vote for this can be explained, as I see it, only by racism – a kindly gov’t benefits blacks, as well as whites, and poor whites, it would seem, are willing to hurt themselves in order to hurt the blacks. Crazy …

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