Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

Well, you white, evangelical Christians, you profess to follow Jesus, but I don’t know what Jesus you mean.

It must be the triumphal Warrior Christ scheduled to return sometime and set things straight by casting all who don’t call him Lord and Savior into everlasting damnation. Wow, now there’s a gracious God.

By the way, you adherents of “individual salvation in Jesus Christ,” do you even know what the phrase “Lord and Savior” means? No, it doesn’t mean accept him and be saved from eternal punishment and be a doobee not a “don’t be” with Ozzie and Harriet middle-class values in this life.

Jesus followers started calling him Lord and Savior instead of Caesar who demanded to be called that. So, instead of a despot, demagogue being Lord and Savior, humble Jesus, from nowhere Nazareth became the Lord and Savior because his way was the way of peace, love, justice and mercy.

The Warrior Christ is the only kind of Jesus I can think you follow because you are all so gung-ho about following The Donald who is about as loving as the Warrior Christ you have conjured.

Meanwhile, a Franciscan monk writes, “Jesus, the new Job, experienced the worst suffering humanity could inflict: betrayal, unfair judgment, rejection, abandonment, torture, humiliation, and crucifixion,” but apparently this is not the kind of Jesus you can stomach.

Either that or you like the Hollywood hero who suffers and then avenges that suffering by obliterating all those who inflicted the damage — another variation of such an exceedingly gracious God. Not.

Might it be that resurrection means the Lamb wins with love giving all of us Christians the courage to suffer on behalf of all those who have experienced betrayal, unfair judgment, rejection, abandonment, torture, humiliation and crucifixion?

You know what I think your candidate, a demagogue and misogynist who would prohibit Muslims from entering the United States and kick out millions of Hispanics and who probably wouldn’t mind being addressed as Lord and Savior would call all those who practice self-sacrificial love? Losers. Can you hear him? Looosers.

What do I hear? In response to those followers feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, welcoming strangers, clothing the naked, caring for the sick and visiting prisoners, the glorified Son of Man says, “Inherit the Realm prepared for you.”

That Realm is the Realm of Eternal Love to be experienced in the now not the realm of the one percenters who grab it all for themselves now and call all the rest of us looosers.

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