Loneliness Versus Solitude

The dictionary states of
solitude: a state or situation
in which you are alone usually
because you want to be. Now,
those of a spiritual bent see
this as all positive, but then
again there are those like the
Unabomber who like to live
alone and it would be quite
a stretch to say the Unabomb-
er lived that way because of
a spiritual quest and peace
of mind, so we have to qualify
spiritual solitude from creepy
solitude, the creepy one deny-
ing the deeply rooted social
nature of life as vs. one affirm-
ing the deeply rooted social
nature of life and seeking that
relationship with God without
distractions caused by the
social nature of life. Then
there is loneliness for which
I don’t need a dictionary de-
finition. Been there, done
that with people all around
and no one within shouting
distance. I vote for the
solitude advocated by the

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