Can’t Get No Satisfaction

The Golden Rule is a
nice starting place
for every creed and race
unless, of course,
a person is masochistic,
which would mean the
masochist was then sadistic.
Made him think of Steve Martin’s
sadistically insane
dissatisfied dentist to Bill Murray’s
masochistic patient who just
begged for more and more pain.
The scene makes a nice metaphor
for GOP presidential politics
where audiences just beg for
more and more
while candidates seemingly
just can’t
inflict enough pain.

1 thought on “Can’t Get No Satisfaction

  1. Hate the pics of flashmob rallies. Reminds me of the H-man in 1930s, combover the new millennium’s state.That is all or I’ll comment daylong.Rare sunshine to work stitches so I
    won’t have to rip out later.

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