They Are All Here

Send in the Clowns sang Judy Collins.

Apparently, they were all shipped to Maricopa County, AZ.

Can it get any crazier — whites, blacks, Latinos, sexism, racism, stupidity, maybe dementia (“I’m gonna throw myself out the window, except I’m on the first floor”), a whole lot of profanity, and, of course, endorsement of The Donald?

Don Harris, 77 year-old-white, yes, “white” director of Maricopa County, AZ, chapter of the predominately black NAACP, insults Latina reporter with sexist comment about what he deemed to be a particularly attractive part of her anatomy following interview about six white girls who drew instant infamy over high school photo spelling N-word.

On top of that Mr. Harris is a good friend of infamous for more than just pink undies (I don’t think he wears them but you would have to ask his wife, but in a racist publicity stunt made illegal immigrants wear them in jail), Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio, child of immigrant Italians, who just endorsed The Donald, saying it was a “no brainer,” one commentator stating, “Indeed it was.”

Come on out, y’all to the Biggest Circus in the Southwest.

Bigger even than whatever they got goin’ in the great state of Texas.


1 thought on “They Are All Here

  1. Like the way he enforces the law…have you found reference in state law re undergarments? Read to Steve who is musing aloud the enforcement of law of the United States. Whatevah. Think it’s clowns myself, but always anticipated circuses, tho I dislike them: tawdry to me even on 2nd grade class trip to see B&B at Masonic Temple downtown

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