Turning the Other Cheek

He crossed the path in front
of the soldier.
“Hey, you, Yehudi boy, stop.”
He stopped, looked
and felt the back of the
soldier’s right hand pop
across his right cheek.
Knocked to the
ground, he heard,
“Bow before a soldier of
Caesar, your Savior and Lord.”
Returning the favor,
the lad rose, and offered
the soldier his other cheek
— a gesture brave and meek.
Without a weapon,
he stood his ground.
Only equals slap with an
open palm.
The soldier who would
slap with his right hand
raised his arm and
lowered it again
with seething calm.
The Jewish lad stepped aside
allowing the soldier to
pass and
attempt to regain his
false pride.
He let the soldier pass
without the obscenity
of a bow to Caesar’s
pride filled,
false divinity.
After the soldier had gone,
the lad looked around
at the peasants who
were grateful the lad
had stood his ground.

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