Life is a Cabaret, Young Chum

The really cute, young, gay bartender
and his equally cute, best friend
forever, female customer echoed
Miley Cyrus throughout the
restaurant during a slow happy
hour. They innocently and
frivolously bantered back and
forth about facial scrubs and
makeup and called each other
gorgeous and better than beauty-
ful and beyond belief buds.
The Republican Party is about
to nominate a fascist and the
money and ratings hungry media
including, if not ironically led
by a seemingly deaf, blind and
anything but mute liberal network,
are proving to be the biggest
enablers of this sick political
addiction. The senior citizen
couple who sat at the bar while
all this, meaning all this,
swirled around them could only
say the gay made a great Cosmo-
politan. His Miley Cyrus
impersonating twin BFF agreed
totally while asking, “Do
you really think we are
brother and sister? Act-
ually his skin is darker than
mine, but we have the same
doctor.” Then they laughed
because the bartender is
Hispanic and his friend
isn’t. The couple drained
their Cosmos, wished the
kids well while leaving
a hefty tip. As they walk-
ed out the door into the
desert heat, they thought
of the final scene of Cabaret
where the innocent dancers
labeled “perverted”
huddle together as gas
flows into the chamber.

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