The Double Whammy

He tells me that it is not a good time for gays or Hispanics
and considering that he is both, he feels that he has been
double whammied. He says it in such a way that I can tell
that he doesn’t think I understand because I am neither
gay nor Hispanic. In other words, at the very least, I am
an alien being and, more at it, the enemy — an older,
straight, white guy, historic oppressor of everyone who is
the opposite of what I am — young, female, LBGT, DNA
below N 40° latitude. I try to tell him it is no fun being
despised, dismissed, denigrated for no good reason other
than age, sexual orientation, gender, skin color but it
doesn’t cut it. Then I think, in a vain attempt to display
my credentials of suffering, I could tell him about the
major tragedies in my life and then I think better of that,
so I just say hmm and nod my head. After all, it has been
quite awhile since anyone has threatened the Swede and
Dutch in me with death or deportation.


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