A Conversation With My Knee

i think about going for a jog, a word
that is disparaged in the latest issue
of runner’s world, but one in which

i take no umbrage now that i have had
five and a half million of my bone marrow
stem cells injected into my right knee

in order to keep me from having an
artificial knee. so i say to my knee,
my knee not one that would cost some-

where around a hundred thousand to be
divided up between many medical person-
nel which begs the rhetorical question,

“why doesn’t insurance cover some-
thing that only costs less that one
tenth of that?” please read previous

sentence about all those benefitting
from artificial knees. now, back to
my conversation with my knee, “knee,

do you want to go for a jog?” and
because it is my knee a human knee
and not a corporate knee, even though

scotus might just as well have said
a corporate knee is a human knee
and therefore has a vote, my knee

says, “yes,” and i say, “that’s
two to none; it’s unanimous. let’s
go for that jog, carefully and

slowly. would you mind if i put an
“unloader” brace on you for pre-
caution?” “no. i would like that.

it feels good all snug around me.”
“fine. i think i’ll take along a
pair of hiking sticks for stability.”

“you go right ahead,” my knee said.

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