Word Isn’t Talking

When I click on a Word document,
I never know what size layout is
going to show up. They seem to
come in different sizes arbitrarily,
but then again, perhaps (There’s
that word which pops up again and
again in my writings.), Word has a
mind of its own and knows when it
will send up one layout vs. another.
This particular layout is larger
and if I use a smaller font size,
I find that I write more. Like
now. Maybe (There’s another word
like “perhaps,” which also shows
up quite a bit in my writing. Do
you think that means I’m indecisive?),
Word thinks I’m being verbose, lo-
quacious, wordy and next time will
send up a smaller layout so that
I will write a shorter poem. I don’t
know. Maybe/perhaps Word knows
I’m indecisive and is just trying to
help guide me along. As I said, I
don’t know and Word isn’t talking.

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