Still, I Would Like To See Them Again

My dad brought home the Reader’s
Digest albums of the world’s greatest
music and I listened to them on the

stereo he put together in the room that
used to be my bedroom but became the
music room after my sister got married

and I moved into what had been her
bedroom. Then I went to college and the
kid in the dorm room next door played

“The Symphony No. 9 ‘From the New
World’ popularly known as the New
World Symphony…composed by Antonín

Dvořák,” which wasn’t on the Reader’s
Digest records and I just fell in love
with it, especially the Black spiritual

“Goin’ Home.” By then my father had died
suddenly and tragically and years later
my late wife had died suddenly and tragic-

ally at age forty-nine of a cerebral hem-
orrhage and I decided I wanted “Goin’
Home,” from Dvořák’s symphony played at

my memorial service, probably because,
even though I take most things meta-
phorically, still I would like to see
them again — literally.


One thought on “Still, I Would Like To See Them Again

  1. I love this one! You captured the truth and set it down for us…again. This one and the next one are a wonderfully true couplet dealing with love on an eternal plane. Thanks. We miss her too.

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