She Loved All Six

They sat over coffee getting to know each other
a bit better when one, speaking about his past,
hesitated and swallowed while a tear formed
in each eye. He was speaking of his late wife.

The other person said, “It’s been over twenty
two years, right and you still have those deep
feelings?” He answered, “You don’t stop lov-
ing. I love her and I love my wife of twenty

years and my wife of twenty years loves her
late husband.” It was like hearing love doesn’t
end as a new idea and maybe it is for some-
one who has not experienced the death of a

soul mate only to discover another soul mate
to love. If anyone is asked about a deeply
loved, deceased parent, “Do you still love
your dad (or your mom)?” Well, you know the

answer, but because you love another lover,
you stop loving a dead lover? Love is never
replaced; it is just doubly or triply or quadruply
embraced. A pastor once said he had a

parishioner who had buried six husbands
and loved each one dearly and deeply and
spoke at length and in detail about each
even if she couldn’t remember all their names.


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