Poetry as a Snapshot, An Epic Novel and a Full-Length Feature Film

He thought about poetry as a snapshot,
a photo, an artistic one if the poem is
art. Then he thought that if a poem is

a photo, a short story is a short film,
a novella is a little longer film and a
novel is a full-length, feature film,

and a poem can become for the reader
a still shot of the reader’s life or a
short film of that life as the reader

trips off from the poem and then enters
a novella, a short film (maybe a document-
ary), a novel, an epic novel like War and

Peace, a three-hour epic movie perhaps
by Francis Ford Coppola, the history
of one’s life or someone else’s life

understood from the perspective of
the first person personal about the
second or third. It seems that it can

go from the simple to the complex
much more easily and even ever
more quickly than the reverse.

How would one capture War and
as a simple sonnet or shoot it
as one simple snapshot taken with

an old Kodak instamatic or even
a modern digital camera or an
I-Phone? A poem is worth a thousand….


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