Reflecting on a Bourgeoning Crisis, Written In Support of President John Knapp

Reflecting on his college’s bourgeoning crisis,
he thinks that the school’s mission and vision
in their historic context are critical to the
school’s authenticity and integrity for reputat-

ion, denomination, administration, faculty,
present students and students to come and there-
fore a “witness” as a great liberal arts college
in the historic Christian tradition — a tradition

ever appreciative for that past, never stuck
in the past, ever seeking, never receding, ever
exploring, ever expanding, ever affirming
foundations, ever questioning those very found-

ations, ever and always faithful to the unbounded
grace, mercy, peace and justice of Jesus, ever
aware of the significance of the Cosmic Christ
for universal, inclusive, connective implications,

ever-living the life of students, instructors,
scholars together in authentic community
challenging the status quo, presuppositions,
the power structures, the motives of those

who hold profit and power and ideology above
physics and biology and chemistry, philosophy
and psychology and history and prose and poetry
and metaphor and simile and scientific and re-

ligious study and service to the “least of
these” and humble, life-long, loving inquiry —
for now all see dimly but then face to face
into the gracious revelation of God’s Great Mystery.


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