No Longer in His Prime But Still Beltin’ ‘Em Out

He looks bad, goodness, goodness.
What happened between the 70’s
and today’s show
besides a whole lot of
rock and roll and blow?
It wasn’t drugs; oh, no,
it was the big C
that bit into his neck
but he just
said, “What the heck,”
and kept writing the words,
strumming the tunes
and singing the songs with
a gravelly voice that made
him sound more like a Muhlenberg County man
than a South suburbs of Chicago fan
of Kris and Bob and the man
formerly known as part of
the small town Southern
Indiana Cougar clan.
Hey, by now they’ve all
had something — heart attack,
cancer, you name it, so have we,
but they’re all still
going on tour and we might just
buy a ticket and limp into their
show to see;
so don’t cry;
just give relief a real big sigh
because Rock and Roll will
never die.


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