He Sits Surrounded By Black and White

He sits surrounded by black and white
photos and all shades of gray in a
screaming loud Technicolor age —
rugged roots on a Finland hike, iri-
descent tulips, an overcast, foggy
morning with fishers in a boat on a
lake, a blustery, high seas day slapping
against the pier in South Haven, still,
aged pilings standing tall and silent
in the waters of Macatawa, an abandoned
church in rural Texas, sunset along White
Lake, an arched brocade in shades of black
and white, a dark library with light of
the eastern morning sky entering through
panes of glass and filtering though the
dust. He is surrounded with black and
white in a noisy, Technicolor age and
more than happy to be there in the quiet
and the stillness without the silent,
deafening roar of social media surround-
ed by photographic art in a beautiful
black and white world of peace and quiet
and, yes, the blessed silence of gray.

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