Someone Declared It Father’s Day

Someone declared it Father’s Day to be
celebrated for me, for I am a father, you see.
My children started — one, then two, now three;
the third came with a second marriage for me.
I’m proud of all three for different reasons that be,
because each is unique in his or her own story.
The three have married which brings my
children to six,
three that came along and three
that were the first three’s picks.
And grandchildren have a way of coming along too
and making fathers of three —
a son, a step-son and a son-in-law to me.
The step-son has four, the son-in-law two
and the son has three,
making nine grandchildren for me to see.
I’m actually hoping the counting stops
for awhile for an ever-expanding family tree,
because nine is the perfect number for a baseball team
which if they got together and practiced real hard,
could probably beat the Cubs to a World Series victory.

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