We Haven’t Always Been Cowboys and We Haven’t Always Loved Guns But We Certainly Are and Do Now

The author and expert on the
history of guns in the U.S.
said that in the 18th Century
the gun was needed but not

loved and in the 19th Century
the gun was loved but not
needed and thus began the
mass sale of guns as totems

in order to keep the gun
manufacturers gainfully em-
ployed in modern manu-
facturing where little boys

sitting in the Saturday matinee
double feature would see how
wonderful it was to own a
Winchester rifle, and so the

modern-day myth of the gun
as savior was born in spite
of Jesus, nurtured, marketed
and progressed and prolifer-

ated in paperback novels and
Hollywood movies into the
mid-20th Century with the
explosion of lust for guns

so those little, mostly
white boys sitting at the
theater on Saturday after-
noon would know that they

eventually would be Lash
Laroo, Gene Autry, Roy
Rodgers, James Arness,
John Wayne, Hopalong

Cassidy, Clint Walker,
The Lone Ranger, Randolph
Scott, Paul Newman, Robert
Redford, Clint Eastwood

and a myriad of others to
save the nation for Ozzie
and Harriet and David and
in loving memory of Ricky.

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