Just Wait

The cenotaph stood tall but
no one knew where the real
body rested or even if it did
rest and isn’t that so true of
life? Who lies in Grant’s
Tomb? Well, Grant, of
course, unless somebody
lied, but many, maybe most
now wonder who Grant was
and if his remains really
reside in the tomb. Do we
need a rehabilitation or
exhumation or better yet
an excavation, not of Grant,
may he rest in more peace
than he had in this life
(He should have retired as
a general and not a scandal
plagued president.), but of
the rest of us? A bumper
sticker states, “Everybody
sucks, 2016.” Do we need to
exhume or excavate what we
wanted so badly, have lost
and has turned to (all that
stuff) dust or just wait
for the wonder of what was,
is and will be eternally?

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