We Would Buy Cheese

We would buy cheese,
bring it home, open the plastic
packaging, cut off a piece or two,
wrap up the cheese in it’s
packaging, wrap that in
clear plastic wrap and place
that in a clear, resealable,
plastic bag and place it in the
refrigerator drawer with
other individually
wrapped cheeses and
sliced meats such as turkey
and roast beef.
Then we saw on a T.V. food
program that cheese needs
oxygen, moisture and no
tight, plastic wrapping
because it suffocates
the cheese.
The naked cheeses should be
placed in a plastic container
with a small cup containing
a bit of moist sponge.
The top should be placed on
the container, the container
burped and placed on a
shelf in the refrigerator.
This will allow the cheese
to breathe and remain moist
and not dry out; the cheese will
not chemically or biologically
break down prematurely
and ammonia will not
form on the cheese. It is
all right for varieties to
be in the container together
but the blue cheese should
not touch the other cheeses
for reasons we don’t quite
recall but can guess.
Why does it take so long to
catch on to these things?
I mean years and years and
years of doing something
the same, wrong way.
I know it’s better and
the cheese stays fresh longer
and we don’t see mold
forming very quickly,
but for all those decades of
incorrect cheese packaging,
of smothering and suffocating
the cheese, for which I do
feel guilty,
I don’t ever remember
an ammonia smell or taste.
That would be the smell
and taste of death
and I would feel
even more guilty
just thinking about
the Swiss, Blue,
Cheddar, Leyden
and Brie silently
gasping for air
in a cold, dark
place and the
aged Gouda, known
as Old Amsterdam,
making its
last gasp after
surviving all

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