now they want to blame….

now you want to blame
the president for all the
racial unrest; now you
want to point a finger

in his direction and say,
“look, it’s the black guy
in the oval office who
is to blame.” to be more

accurate, if you want
still erroneously to blame
the guy who occupies the
white house, you should

say the half-black/half
white guy, but the beaut-
iful color of his skin
makes him, to your blind

eyes, black alone. he is
not black alone nor is he
white alone. he is both and
if he has his dna tested,

he would find out he is
a few other wonderful things
as well, just like the
rest of us, so get a grip

and get over it and re-
cognize that we all come
out of africa and we are
all the same except for

the amount of melanin we
have, which god has given
us both to protect us
from too much sun and

allow enough sun in de-
pending on where we live,
so god had a pretty great
idea, right? so, can we

please stop the blame game
and get on with finding a
win/win solution like the
president would like?

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