A Rainbow Baby

The black, female medical
professor said that there are
not different races like black,
white, yellow, brown. There

is just one race, the human
race. That race is wonderfully
filled with different skin tones
and hues like those found in

the greatest paintings. Tones
and hues rather than colors.
Colors is too stark a word
like races. All the colors are

just tones and hues of one
color. His daughter, descend-
ent of fair-skinned Northern
European and Scandinavian

humans who hail from where
the sun doesn’t shine much,
yearned for the beautiful black
and brown skin of her sister

humans south and east who
need more melanin simply
for protection from the sun.
If we combine all the tones

and all the hues of humans
we would have our new
grandson, who is a rainbow
coalition of love and can’t

be prejudiced against anyone
because he is everyone,
and we can’t wait for the day,
his parents test God’s

beautiful painting,
the child’s, glorious DNA.


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