Silent Screams In Chicago

Black on black -- the lone headline 
reads, “…another violent weekend in Chicago                             
that saw seven people killed and at least                                   
52 wounded. The toll brings the number                                     
of people shot in Chicago this year to
nearly 2,000. At least 329 of them               
have been killed, about 100 more than                 
this time last year.” 

Headline gone, on with the news
corporate America says.
Who screams for Chicago?  

Black on white especially black on 
white police and headlines
scream all over social 
media but who hears                                        
the screams in Chicago?                                                                             

Guernica in the city. Mouths all over                                        
the South and West sides open in 
panic but no scream is heard -- just 
like Guernica, eyes wide open in 
Chicago, even the horse’s eyes
loom large in panic and fear, 


eyes wide shut everywhere in places 
of privilege. What more do we need
to know about where the power resides?  
Not on the South and West sides.                                                      

Who is important? Where are the elite? 
Well, we all know where they are, just 
listen and look. Do black lives matter?  
Blacks on blacks, who cares? 

Whites scream bloody murder, buy                                            
guns but who hears the                                                                             

screams in Chicago? 


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