Busted for Spying

The man lies on the couch
awake after a short nap,
aroused from slumber by

the sound of the door
opening. His wife and
dog enter the kitchen;

he feigns sleep but has
his eyes open a sliver,
just enough to embrace

their images. The dog
makes for him, licks his
face; he groans as if

emerging from sleep but
then sighs deceptively
as if returning to deep

sleep. The dog leaves be-
cause the man’s wife is
fixing dinner for the dog.

Then his wife approaches
the couch and bends
down to kiss the man on

the lips, her blouse open-
ing to reveal extensive
cleavage. “Like the view,

dear?” she asks. “Now, be
a good boy, close your
eyes and go back to sleep.

We’ll talk later.” He could-
n’t stop the smile as she
turned and walked away.

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