Looking for the Calculator

Looking for the calculator on his
Mac Pro, he scanned the symbols
on the bottom of the screen (He
can’t ever remember what that bar
of symbols is called.) of things to
do and places to go on the computer.

He paused over each symbol. What it
is and what it does is translated.
He came across “Face Time,” and
not knowing if it were some kind
of prophesy of what he would face
in the future and being naturally

inquisitive, he clicked it on an
and saw a hint in the present what
his future would look like. “Yikes,
he shouted in abject horror and fear,
“That’s way too up close and person-
al, way too personal.” Apparently,

it’s a way to communicate with
grandchildren. Which when he thought
about it would scare the kids half
to death. He wondered what all those
blotches were and he couldn’t see
the few hairs on top of his head

even when he bent his face down.
He exited quickly. It’s bad enough
that he has to look in the mirror
in the morning, he thought; why go
looking for trouble? Shaken to the
bone, and vowing never to inflict

such a thing on his grandchildren,
he forgot he was looking for the
calculator, forgot he planned on
writing a poem and instead shut
down the computer and fled to the
couch for some necessary R&R.

It already had been a tough
morning and it was only 8:52.
He wondered what he might look
like by 8:52 p.m. He decided
not to think about it because
he could avoid the mirrors.

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