He Sits Looking Out the Window

He sits looking out the window
of the hotel and finds himself
moving through the window into
the Frank Lloyd Wright green

windows across the street on
the ground floor. He’s Tinker
Bell swirling around the large,
pale green circle and up and

down the side rectangles bumping
his head on the small, stained
glass decorative symbols hang-
ing from the top of each leaded

glass pane. He sits for a while
on the edge of one pane using it
as a ledge to watch the people
walking along the floor and out

the door. They don’t notice
the windows. He calls to them
but his voice is silent as he
says, “Hey, look up here. It’s

a Frank Lloyd Wright.” The man
flies back to his hotel room and
looks up at the façade and sees
lights going on as the night wears

on. And then a cleaning lady
scrubbing the lobby floor stops,
looks up and admires the beautiful
leaded, green and beige stained

glass art directly above her.
The man in the hotel room smiles
and says, “Yes, a true connoisseur
of fine art.”


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