The Intrepid Travelers on the City Streets

They left their hotel and jogged
on down and all around
Millennium Park past the svelte
Chicago bodies
on their way to work.
They ran through the wet wall of
and couldn’t find a person who
looked like possessing humility.
It’s “in your face”
upper Midwest grace,
at least, that’s how the natives see it.
People watching at the sidewalk café
to catch their breath and re-hydrate
before a quick shower
and hike to the Art Institute, they
arrive back at the hotel before
the rains descend and the
crowds disperse
leaving the rain to wash away
the city smells
created by those so svelte
until morning rolls around
and the intrepid travelers
on the city streets
come back once again to repeat
the walk along those streets
while staring at their phones
and sending tweet after tweet
after tweet.


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