Scary Creatures Woven Into the Door

I stare at the door as I sit on the throne;
I see the scariest creatures
woven and swirling in the woodwork —
more than the door previously had shown.
I’m so scared I start to jerk
and my plumbing now doesn’t work.
They look like they will jump off the door
and I can’t escape
because I’m stuck on the throne.
I’m home alone
except for the dog,
so I call, “Here doggy, doggy, doggy,”
and he butts his big head against the door
and much to my pleasure and not horror
the handle isn’t latched;
the door flies open
and the Chocolate Lab runs to my aid.
He will have my undying devotion.
I pull my pants up fast
and flee, no longer afraid,
but I forget to flush
so back I do rush
only to realize the plumbing was stuck
and I didn’t need to flush.
I grab a quick look at the door;
with the Lab by my side,
those creatures don’t look so scary anymore.


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