A House Worth Building

The writer said in the aftermath
of tragedy some were communitarians
and, of course, there were always the

Some build up and some tear down
and you could always find both around town.

But over the years the contrariness and tearing down
result in a greater rift than was originally found.

To build a solid structure that will endure,
it seems like it takes so much time and
needs careful planning,
never half a bubble off of plumb for sure,

sawing once only after measuring twice
setting in the nails so it looks real nice.

But some find tearing down much more fun.
It’s called a cowardly game of hit and run.

Angry over this, that and just about everything,
after a while tearing down
and violence become the only things.

We seem to be there again in this political war of words.
Destruction is the word that is hollered and heard.

Be quiet, be still;
listen, listen to the saw and the drill.

Hear the hammer; it sounds so violent
but they are definite words of encouragement.

The republic is a fragile democracy;
it’s structure needs shoring up constantly.

Grab a hammer and a bucket of nails;
help build and be a communitarian
to withstand the destruction of those
who will ever and always surely assail.

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