All the Mindless Cheers

The writer asked, “If a person doesn’t ‘think’
before he speaks, how can he say
‘exactly what’s on his mind?’”

The Trumpster is lauded for “saying exactly
what’s on his mind,” when he hasn’t
got a clear, cogent, well
examined thought to find.

He just shoots from the hip
and gives a boat load of lip
and would be in jail
if such shooting were a crime.

The cheering mob drools
at his every “politically
incorrect” word.
Do they really understand
what they just heard —

the hate, the venom, the
scurrilous attacks
and all
the jumbled up facts?

Why are they so gullible?
What is really within
their seeming clueless bubble?

Did our education system fail?
Do they all have diplomas
sent in the mail?

No, there are some things deeper
going on —
an entitlement culture, the lack of
courtesy and respect,

feelings of powerlessness before
the unknown resulting in strikes
of violence at those who are scapegoats —
the ones the followers reject.

And who plays on all this anger and fear?
The Trumpster who under it all
is a malevolent Wizard of Oz
who really may have thought through
a diabolical cause —

or perhaps not.
Perhaps he is a blind guide
acting on something as shallow
as needing great
throngs who stand and mindlessly cheer.

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