Ancient Mothers Wail

Up and out of forests and
swamps, cold, damp places,
descendants of those who
came out of Africa and

Asia, skin lightened by
the need for the warmth of
the Sun, grew smug in the
rapidity of their progress

and instead of benevolently
sharing with others the gift
they were given, and humbly
learning the wisdom of the

East, went back, back, back
to conquer descendants of
far removed ancestors with
greed and avarice in mind

and hubris of heart. Tired
of fighting with each other,
they chose the middle and
far East to plunder, and so

they did with ferocity and
brutality and today the West
wonders why there is so much
hostility and animosity. The

winds of war blow back upon
the fair-skinned, blue-eyed
brothers and sisters of the
same ancient mothers who

wail in eternity. There is
no hate as the hate that
smothers and smolders when
brothers fall out with each

other. So now hubris, greed,
arrogance and pride have
crumbled like citadels of
capitalism and up from the

ashes have arisen false
bravado, fear and hearts in
terror, much, much worse
than the terror they see

attacking from the East.
Lightening strikes many
times before death by
terrorist, but stats

don’t matter when scared
stiff, knows the sick man.
The blowback is a zephyr
wind of acrid oil and putrid

bodies and the wolf says,
“I’ll huff and puff and
blow your house down,”
and the little piggies

of the West tremble behind
their house of cards. And
rattling sabers completely
rattle those who have lost

their soul to the god of
greed — accumulate, accumu-
late, dissipate, dissipate.
But is it too late for

diplomacy not to mention
repentance for sins done
against brothers and sisters?
Only time will tell as ancient

mothers wail in eternity.


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