Say What? Say Where?

Seemingly, as usual only the
residents of Haiti cared when
Matthew clobbered them — a
brief news blurb now and then
with all the attention being
given to two adults acting
like petulant adolescents,
and then when Matthew was
about to “BLAM!” through the
Bahamas, the ever diligent,
money driven media, started
to get their undies scrunched —
WARNING! Matthew is coming!
As he creeps closer to the
shores of the good, old,
primarily, white, very rich
US of A the media is in panic
mode. Matthew is coming!
Matthew is coming! Evacuate!
This storm will kill you! This
storm will kill us! Protect your
assets! Liquidate and carry
your riches with you into an
underground shelter! By the
way, anyone have any idea
what happened to Haiti?
Say what? Say where?
Oh, don’t worry. Some
youth group will make
the trip to lend a
hand in due time after
a few car washes to
raise the money to
make the trip.

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