You just can’t think about it.
Seriously. It would drive you
bonkers if you spent all day
thinking about everything that
could go wrong with and for
and to the kids. Actually, I
don’t recall thinking about it
to distraction when the kids
were young. It’s like young
parents have some kind of
built-in filter or boundary,
not like Doris Day’s Que
Sera, Sera
, nor turning a
blind eye. No the parental
antennae are still out but
they were hidden under the
hair I used to have. Now
that I’m much older, I see
disaster in every bike ride,
every skate down the street,
every tumble in gymnastics
the grandchildren take. Now
knowing it would drive me
to distraction I just turn a
blind eye and hear Doris
Day blithely crooning away
the day and I simply get up
and walk away.

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