Thanks For The Article

Thanks for the article on Neo-liberalism.
I spend most of my writing time in poetry

(metaphors, similes, meter, rhyme, free
verse, hikus, tankas, etc., etc., etc.)

not necessarily in logical/reasoned dis-
course, so please keep that in mind.

Appreciated the analysis of Neo-liberalism;
would have loved a hint at an economic

solution. As someone who appreciates Francis-
can spirituality — contemplation and praxis,

I don’t think the call to “get shed of it,”
as they phrase it in the Great Commonwealth

(ironical word in today’s economy) of “My
Old Kentucky Home,” will garner mass popular-

ity. Perhaps a friendly suggestion of a bit
of community spring cleaning would be accept-

ed as a healthy, periodic downsizing kind
of thing to do, but not so much as to cause

deflation in the economy. As cited in the
article: “Keynesianism works by stimulat-

ing consumer demand to promote economic
growth. Consumer demand and economic

growth are the motors of environmental
destruction.” Perhaps Keynesianism

(effective in crisis situations) could
be directed toward the great crisis of

climate change by promoting “environmental
construction” — seduce greed to go green!

Why do we have such a hard time striking
a balance (Aristotle’s Golden Mean) between

capitalism and socialism — encouraging
economic initiative while applying checks

and balances against the greed that
runs through the marrow of our bones?

Ah, yes, of course, the answer within
the question — the greed that runs through

the marrow of our bones elevated to
the obscenity of “Citizens United.”

We’ve got a thesis; we’ve got an anti-
thesis; so, where the heck is the synthesis?

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