With All This Talk

A note sent to those who have been e-mailing concerning the definition of neo-liberalism:

I shudder to think of the audacity
it takes to send this little ditty
to all those without a hint of mendacity
but with honesty, acumen, experience,
knowledge and downright sagacity.

Please excuse the lousy poetry;
It’s just my attempt at a little levity.
The conversation is so depressingly dour;
I thought to inject some comedic humour.

I will send no other, on my honor,
so you won’t have to read another yawner.


With all this talk of oligarchs and plutocrats
and corporations acting like really big, fat cats,
the environment going up in a blaze
and life becoming a thick, ugly haze,
I’ll just sit and catatonically stare
and take an aspirin made by Bayer.
Oh no! Not that transnational, evil empire!
Without outrageously expensive meds
my life is prematurely scheduled to expire.
Bayer, DuPont, Dow, Monsanto, and Syngenta,
shame on all your third world grasping assets
while drowning those nations in financial deficits.
I keep hearing analysis and details about the problems,
but almost nothing about how to solve ‘em,
so in the meantime, this old Kentuckian
sits with anxieties a churnin’
while reachin’ for a glass of small batch, single barrel Bourbon.                                                  
Oh, no! Please, no! Say it ain’t so; 
my Bourbon is made from corn that’s been GMO’d.

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