Clergy #1 sat there waffling,
giving reasons to not take action;
Clergy #2 thought it was so suffocating,
and then Clergy #1 asked, “Why stick a
finger in their eyes
just so you can look ever so wise?”
Clergy #2 wanted to stick his
finger in Clergy #1’s eyes,
both left and right,
asked, “Can’t you simply
stand up for what you think
is right without asking for
a fight?”
Clergy #1 tried to make it
sound so pastoral and caring
when he just worried
about the cost of daring.
Clergy #2 said, “We have
to take a stand
and give fate a toss.
What will it cost besides being
hung up on a cross?”
“Exactly my point,” uttered
Clergy #1, “Getting strung up
isn’t for everyone and what about
my hard earned pension?”
“Where’s our faith?” asked Clergy #2,
“In Jesus isn’t the victory won?”
“Oh, that’s nice,” stated Clergy #1,
“You would mention Jesus and
spoil everyone’s fun.”

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