Something Needs To Be Done, An Internal Monologue

You’ve got this conviction
that something needs to be
done, but something always
needs to be done and where
do you start or stop for that
matter? Guilt hangs on the
shoulders like Santa’s big
bag but not filled with
Christmas presents, just
heavy chunks of coal
which you can’t even
burn anymore because
of all the pollution it
would cause, so it just
hangs there and you hope
that some righteous deed
will lighten the load
but instead, you take out
a chunk and put it on a
conveyor belt to heaven
and just wait for it to
plop back down on the
ground next to you like
you’re sure it will and
then it does. Then what?
Put it back on the belt,
hope for the best, forget
the damn chunk and actually
just do something for some-
body else for a change.

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