Before It’s Too Late

Political purges begin
before The Hollow Man is even
in the presidency of the USA.

His son-in-law is doing it the NJ way —
getting rid of Christie and Christie’s
minions who put his father away.

And then the family is pawning
its wares on the US dime, on
QVC and T.V. prime time,
which is illegal at any old-time.

The Hollow Man brings a guy,
a right-wing retired
military guy with ties
to Turkey to accompany
him to his first security
briefing before which
is supposed to be before
only select eyes.

And speaking of select eyes,
The Hollow Man ducked out to
dinner without telling anyone,
so how can we trust The Donald
to be on call
any and all
the time for us all?

And all
The Hollow Man’s appointments
have been put on hold
until all the right papers are filed
Maybe we can do a write in.

Finally, there is still hope
for the Electoral College to
pay attention to all this craziness
and elect the one who won
the popular vote
and elect Hillary as president
of the United States
before it is ever so late,
ever, ever so, so, maybe too late.

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