The Bad News and The Good News, Which Normally We Would Interpret as Bad News

The bad news is that The
Hollow Man is going to be the
forty-fifth president of
the United States. The good

news, in light of that bad
news, is that we are a thou-
sand years away from ex-
tinction according to Stephen

Hawking, pre-eminent theo-
retical physicist, and what
would have been considered
really bad news before the

election of The Donald and
all its implications, now
actually looks like good news.
Humanity will survive for awhile.

Measuring the history of
the earth as a twenty-
four-hour clock, humanity
appeared at twenty-three

hours, fifty-nine minutes and
fifty-nine seconds. And so,
according to Dr. Hawking’s
calculation, we only have

less than a second left. That
puts everything, including
the election of The Hollow Man,
into perspective. And so, for

me that means that I need to
spend the rest of my nano-
second existence in as much
of the glory of nature as I can

— hiking, jogging, kayaking,
camping, cycling — being a
part of that which preceded
me by eons and will move

beyond me with only the
memory of my nano-second
temporal life in the
eternal heart of God.

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