So much for reality,
and the thought that the myth
of Sisyphus
might suffice
(pushing the rock up so nice)
but to be perfectly right
it proved bigger than a slice
of Prometheus’ liver
and wasn’t just a sliver
eaten by the eagle
but, oh, so clever
as the myths worked their way
into to the US of A
by way
of Zeus, the Hollow Man
who has to say and say
and say nonsense all
the while others push the rock way
up the hill and have their
livers eaten only to grow back
each day.
Oh, that rock will fall down
and instill
fear that it will roll right down
upon the heads of the following hoards
and the bigger than sliver of the liver
eaten by the eagle and
condemned to rebirth and
repeating the unutterable
of the ignorance
of previous generations.
May we embrace the
myths of Prometheus
and Sisyphus and
the wisdom they impart,
but let us simply say to
Zeus, The Hollow Man,
as Jesus said the Satan
in Peter, “Depart!”


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