The Importance of Securing a Good Infrastructure

People looked at the bridge
that the trains run on and
said it is a very good bridge,
strong — through and through.

Everyone knows that the road
where all the eighteen-wheelers
run is a very strong road —
through and through.

The branch of the oak tree which
has a rope tied to it so kids can
swing out over the river is a very
strong branch — through and through.

At the meeting to choose new
members of the National Honor
Society, four were deemed exemplary
students — through and through.

As he walked his beat faithfully,
everyone who knew the white
police officer said he was a really
nice person — through and through.

Until…the bridge collapsed under
the weight of the train causing
the train to dive into the river
killing thirty passengers.

Until…the road broke into pieces and
slabs flew all over the road causing
a thirty-vehicle pile up and several

Until…the branch broke and two
kids slammed into the bank instead
of dropping into the river and broke
their necks.

Until… the four new National Honor
Society members confronted a Muslim
student and strangled her with
her own hijab.

Until…the police officer snapped and
pistol-whipped an Hispanic woman in
a wheel chair and shot an unarmed
black man killing him instantly.

It was all right there as it always
is, just below the surface —
a rotting infrastructure.

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