It is Said and Oh, So Sad

It is said that billionaires are
not very inquisitive. Apparently,

they don’t have great imagin-
ations. Are they then one trick

ponies or, more to the point, a
one-note Donny, as in the Hollow

Man, making a media spectacle
with the gullible assistance of

mainline news shows which don’t
evidence much imagination either

(Is that because they are owned
by billionaires?) of forming an

administration along the lines of
a TV reality show, redux? He sits

magisterially at his resort receiv-
ing the eager wannabees for jobs

as apprentices to the huckster who
has but one card trick up his mono-

grammed shirt sleeve and is more
interested in playing Russian Roul-

ette with the KGB Trickster who
rides that one-trick pony known

as one-note Donny while the
wannabees bay to pin the tail

on the donkey, formerly known
as the one trick pony. And the

show goes on and on and on…
ad nauseum already.


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