Standing At the Counter

I was standing at the drug-
store counter the day before
Thanksgiving when the clerk
noticing several people exiting
called after them, as per in-
structions from the manager,
“Have a nice day and a Happy
Thanksgiving,” to deaf ears
covered with I-phones, and then
he said mockingly only within
earshot of me, “Have a nice day
all you appreciative deaf, halt
and blind people.” “Yes,” I said,
“we are the distracted generation
never thinking about please or
thank you. Try not to take it
personally. It’s like I try to
tell myself when confronted
by a rude driver on the road.
Notice I said try.” As I left
the store, the clerk said,
“Have a nice day and Happy
Thanksgiving.” Cupping my ear
with an empty hand, I replied,
“Huh? What? Don’t bother me.
I’m on the phone.” He laughed
and I finished by saying “and
Happy Thanksgiving right back
at ya.” He smiled as he turned
to the next customer.

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