I Come From the Tribe

I come from the tribe of Dahl,
which was the tribe of Hanson
before my great-grandfather
changed it in Sweden for un-

explained reasons. From there
we went through many migrat-
ions losing a lot of melanin
along the way back to about

150,000 years ago somewhere
in one or more of the stans, as
in Kazakhstan, etc. This is the
period of time, which eventually

produced the myth of Adam and
Eve. My father once said,
with a certain sadness, that
when you marry someone you

marry all that person’s relatives
back to Adam and Eve. Actually,
spouses’ relatives go back farther
than that in actual history.

Before that we were a tribe out
of Africa escaping a really bad
drought. Before that, I don’t
know, but my tribe goes back

to the origin of Homo sapiens,
which translates to “wise people,”
which is kind of funny considering
that they were considered that all

those years ago when it seems like
it would be pretty hard to find
many wise people today, except
in the Dahl, nee Hanson tribe.

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