Walking Among the Vendors

Walking among the vendors
at the farmer’s market in

midtown Phoenix on a Satur-
day in November just around

closing, the couple with
their chocolate lab picked

up the few things they needed
— Fourth of July tomatoes

as they call them in July
in Michigan, beets, honey —

organic and unfiltered, which
the young seller told the wife

was very good for digestion
and a small spoonful would

stop acid reflux in its tracks.
The husband thought, Well, I

know lemons, ironically, do that
but I had no idea honey would

do that, too. It sure looks
delicious. While driving out

of the parking lot of the huge
Baptist church where the farmer’s

market is held each Wednes-
day and Saturday, he slowed

and stopped at a car where
two women were putting their

groceries in the trunk and
said, “If you want to meet the

friendliest people in town,
just come to the farmer’s market.

Of course, it helps to have a
chocolate lab along because

everyone wants to stop and pet
the lab. It’s a great conversation

starter.” Both of the women
eyeing the dog in the back

seat, chuckled and said, “You
sure got that right, mister.”

The couple then drove out into
the hostility of the streets.

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