The Faux Hardscrabble

Because he could scramble
up to the top of desert peaks,
he thought he was working his
way through a hardscrabble
life, which in reality, was
a life with its share of
tragic events but not
a chronic ache of trying
to stay out-of-the-way of
poverty. He ran five miles
a day but not in bare feet.
He could afford the finest
shoes on the market but
knowing which size he need-
ed in which brand would
find them discounted forty
or fifty percent and would
feel really good about
beating the capitalistic
system when, in reality,
the corporation would
always and ever still get
its share of the money
according to the man’s
wife, a retired corporate
executive, so he was just
being cheap and hurting
some small, family owned
running store operation,
which actually understood
a hardscrabble in just
trying to stay alive in
the jungle of the
avaricious, vicious and
venomous animal known in
America and elsewhere
as the multi-national

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