Of All The Nerve

300 some million auto-
reflective, auto-reflexive,
individualistic responses
sent into cyber space
at a rapid pace tell us
that community in any
meaningful way is going
away. She pulled into the
spot fast, fast tracked
into the post office,
barged her way past the
lengthy line without an
“excuse me,” went up to
the counter, said some-
thing while still on
the phone, turned, left
in a hurried pace, opened
the door of her big SUV
which just shouted “Look
out! I’m here,” and the
door bounced off the car
next to it. She didn’t
know there was an occupant.
The person in that car
blew the horn and told
her to be more careful.
She said, without apology,
there wasn’t much room
between the vehicles.
She was careless as Nick
told Gatsby that Tom and
Daisy were careless. In
their lack of community,
in their privilege, in their
elitism, they couldn’t care
less about the consequences
of their actions on others.
She pulled out of the space
almost hitting a car and
drove away while texting
something to some Miley
Cyrus look-alike about
some bitter, old bag/hag who
had the nerve to bother her.

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